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Adopt-A-Tree Program

The Fan District Association’s Adopt A Tree program, now in its 10th year, has again partnered with the City of Richmond/Urban Forestry division and the Enrichmond Foundation for its annual fill the tree well program. Over the course of the past 9 years, the Fan District has planted over 600 trees, adding to our urban forest landscape and making our neighborhood one of the “greenest” in the City.

If you or a neighbor is missing a tree from a tree well in front of or beside your home , or have a tree that is in its last days of life, this is the once a year opportunity you don’t want to miss. Attached, please find an application for our Adopt A Tree program, which is THE most cost effective and successful way to fill the tree well with a healthy sapling. For the low cost of $50.00 (or $25.00 if you are an FDA member),you can adopt a new sapling, and have it planted by the Spring of 2020. You can also “gift” a tree to a neighbor if you like, but know that you are ultimately responsible for the care and watering of the tree.

Please be sure to read the care instructions listed on the attached application.  Your signature states that you agree with watering the tree at least once a week, that you will not use a herbicide on any plant life around the tree, that no additional mulching (other than what comes with the tree) will be added and that no additional plantings will be added to the tree well until the sapling’s roots have firmly taken hold. (At least a year). 

You may order as many trees as you like, but you are responsible for the care and watering of the tree. Please have your application and check into the FDA by August 28th. You can mail or drop off at the FDA office, 208 Strawberry Street.  Please be sure to make your checks payable to the Fan District Association.

Trees in the Fan: Calder Loth’s Series, 2010

Part 1: Introduction and trees that are not recommended

Part 2: Recommended trees for urban neighborhoods

See the city’s Public Works - Urban Forestry website to learn more about the general Adopt-a-Tree program. You may also wish to contact the Richmond Tree Stewards, another local organization that provides advice and hands-on help with trees.

For information on Adopt a tree, please contact:



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