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Adopt-A-Tree Program

The Fan partners with the City of Richmond's Urban Forestry division to replenish and sustain The Fan's urban forest.




The Adopt-A-Tree program returns each summer with applications encouraging Fan residents to adopt trees for those empty tree wells in front of or near their homes. Through the efforts of the FDA, the City of Richmond's Urban Forestry division, and our Fan residents, this program has become a tremendous success and one that is greatly anticipated by residents every year. Based on Urban Forestry's records, The Fan leads all other neighborhoods in the number of trees planted!


How to Participate

Who can apply for a tree? Any resident of the Fan, FDA member or not, who needs a replacement tree for a dead or dying tree, or for a tree well that is missing a tree. FDA members receive a 50% discount. Adopters need to know that they must take care of the tree for two years after it has been planted, including watering the tree twice a week (more frequently during hot weather) and ensuring that the tree well remains free from weeds and other plants that may take water away from the new saplings.

Submit your Adopt-A-Tree application and payment to the FDA Office, 208 Strawberry Street, by August 27th.  Your new tree will be delivered in the Spring of 2019.


Tree Well Eligibility

The tree well must meet the following stipulations in order to be eligible for tree adoption:

  • Cannot be next to a Stop sign
  • Must be at least  ten feet (10') from an alley
  • Does not have a light or electric pole in it
  • Does not have a water meter in it


Tree Selection

Adopters may request a specific type of tree should they have a preference; however, the City Arborist will make the final determination based on the type of tree best suited for the tree well.



Contact us to adopt a tree for your tree well.

Betsy Coffield
Chair, Adopt-A-Tree


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