The Fan District Association

What's the Fan 411?  

Please Drive 25 in our Neighborhood

Virginia law states that the speed-limit in residential neighborhood is 25 MPH. The Fan is a walking-friendly neighborhood, please obey the speed limit and make it a safe place for our children and residents.


Graffiti Vandalism is a Crime!

The Fan is among the oldest and largest collections of Victorian Houses in America and is on the register of Historic Places. Graffiti is a crime in the city, punishable by up to a year in jail. The citizens of the Fan go to court to make sure vandals get jail time, even for a first offense. So please respect the neighborhood. If you see Graffiti in progress please call 911 immediately.

Removing Graffiti

Shhh.....  Keep the Volume Down

Any loud, raucous, excessive, unnecessary or unusual noise, including but not limited to loud music, barking dogs, etc. that causes discomfort or annoyance to a person within 25 feet in a residential area, no matter the time of day, is prohibited. Please respect your neighbors and turn it down. Call police non-emergency at (804) 646-5100 to report such violations. (City Code Section 7-25)


Please Pick up after your Dog

Picking up after you dog is the law, and it’s a neighborly thing to do. Fines up to $250 for each offense on our sidewalks, streets, alleys, tree wells and private property. (City Code Section 10-86)


Posting of Flyers and Signs

Posting flyers and signs on public property is illegal. Fines up to $50 for each sign, each day, may be Image result for post no bills signs -private
assessed. (City Code Section 38-111) Anyone can remove an illegal sign without liability. (Section 38-115)


Stow Trash Can and Recycle bins

Super cans and Recycle Bins must be removed from City Property by 7 p.m. on collection day. (City Code
Section 86-44)


Report weeds over 12 inches high

We all want our historic neighborhood to look good. Often we find a property that needs help. You can report weeds over 12-inches in height to the property owner, or the City at (804) 646-6419.


Report ABC Violations

Call (800) 552-3200 to report ABC Violations. Or you can reach the neighborhood’s local agent at (804) 213-4658.


Historic Plaques

Historic house plaques may be purchased through the Fan Woman's Club.




The Fan District Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

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