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FDA Works to Preserve Historic Character of our Neighborhood

The Fan District is said to be the largest intact Victorian Neighborhood in the U.S. with approximately 2,000 townhouses in the diverse architectural styles of that period. The streets spread out towards the west in the shape of a fan, hence the name of this historic district. 


The Historic Preservation Committee is working with Fan residents and the City to incorporate additional zoning measures that will govern demolition, infill, and/or new construction of buildings in the Fan. These zoning measures, similar to the design overlay of the Museum District, is designed to preserve the unique character of the Fan's historic architecture and landscape attributes that make the Fan so special.

Some of the current projects to preserve our link to the past include the Fan Overlay District (FOD) Guidelines, Lighting Project and the Street Sign Project.

Fan Overlay District (FOD) Guidelines Project

There are many aspects of The Fan that make it unique.  But none stand out so clearly as its historic architecture.  Although Monument Avenue, West Grace Street, and West Franklin Street have been designated Old and Historic Districts, the vast majority of The Fan is not covered by any protections against the demolition of historic structures, or the introduction of new buildings that are inconsistent with architectural patterns and features of The Fan. The Fan Overlay District (FOD) Guidelines are designed to address this gap.

In early 2016, the FDA conducted a survey to measure Fan residents' interest in historic preservation within The Fan, and the development of some measures that would protect the historic architectural character of The Fan. The results of the survey showed a strong interest in reasonable measures that would protect existing historic structures from demolition and ensure that new construction is architecturally compatible with the historic character of the neighborhood. Based on these survey results, a group of volunteer Fan residents comprised of design professionals, architectural preservationists, and attorneys surveyed how other cities throughout the United States approached historic preservation and drafted and revised the FOD GuidelinesThe FOD Guidelines apply only to demolition of existing historic structures and the construction of new structures in The Fan, and do not require you do get approval before making changes, alternations, or renovations to your home or business.

See the FOD Summary for more information.


Tim and wife, Alison, have lived on West Ave for 17 years, along with two sons, with whom they have spent countless hours at Lombardy Park and walking through the Fan. Tim has served as General Counsel to the Henrico Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) program, was the Secretary, Vice Mayor and Mayor of the West Avenue Improvement Association, and is the President of the Fishing Bay Trace Home Owners’ Association. As an attorney with the law firm of Cook, Heyward, Lee, Hopper & Feehan, he represents individuals and professionals with business, employment, and commercial real estate matters. By some standards his tenure as a Fan resident is short; by others he’s an old hand. But what he hopes he shares with all who choose to make the Fan their home is a reverence for the rich traditions and architecture of the area, the gratefulness of being able to live within such a diverse neighborhood, and the opportunities that the future holds for the Fan.
Tim Feehan
Chair, Historic Preservation

The Fan District Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 208 Strawberry Street, Richmond, VA 23220

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