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Parking Tickets Received in Error

If a parking ticket is issued in error, contact Standard Parking at (804) 649-3025. Standard Parking is the company contracted to issue parking tickets in the Fan. If unable to resolve, you may request an administrative review by the City. The administrative review of a parking citation is limited to the following:

      • Malfunctioning parking meter
      • Fallen or misplaced permit or placard
      • Missing, illegible, ambiguous or incorrectly worded sign
      • Stolen or transferred vehicle
      • Stolen or lost license plate
      • Sign or other parking prohibition installed subsequent to parking
      • Disabled vehicle
      • Medical emergency
      • Owner deceased
      • Restricted Parking Permit (ticket issued in error)

If any of the above conditions apply to your citation, you may complete an Administrative Review Form and submit it to the Parking Customer Service Specialist (PCSS) along with the appropriate documentation. The address and fax number are located at the bottom of the form. The PCSS will either schedule an appointment with you or contact you by phone, mail, fax or e-mail, regarding your appeal.

After reviewing the information you have provided and that of the parking enforcement personnel, the PCSS will issue a determination regarding your appeal as follows:

      • Forward your appeal and all relevant documentation to the Traffic Court with a recommendation from the City of Richmond that the citation be excused


      • Deny your request and provide written notification as to the findings and balance(s) due on your account

If your request is denied you may either pay the citation and any accrued late charges up to the date of your appeal or contest the citation to the Traffic Court at 900 E. Broad St., Room 102.

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