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Ordinance 2008-105: To divide the Fan Residential Restricted Parking District into two zones designated as “Fan Residential Restricted Parking District – Zone 1” and “Fan Residential Restricted Parking District – Zone 2,” for the purpose of facilitating the administration and enforcement of the regulations applicable to such District.

Ordinance 2007-300-262: To amend and reordain City Code ยง 102-301, concerning restricted parking districts, to provide that the Director of Public Works shall administer the residential restricted parking permit program and that the Director of Finance shall develop an implementation plan and administer the implementation of the issuance of permits in 90 days rather than 60 days.

Ordinance 2004-179-175: To amend and reordain section 28-263 of the Code of the City of Richmond (1993), concerning the criteria for establishing restricted parking districts, to provide that, where written documentation is submitted indicating that fewer than sixty percent (60%) of the properties within the proposed district are owner-occupied, such documentation shall be required from a majority of the occupants of the properties in such proposed district rather than from a majority of the property owners in the proposed district.

Obtaining a Replacement Decal

Take your old registration and your new registration to City Hall, Room 102 and go to the back desk. They will pull from the file your current decal application form and fill out a new one. You can then take that file to the front cashiers counter and get a new decal with your new plate number. The charge for this is $1.

Non-resident Property Owners special parking pass

We know how important it is to maintain your property, and absentee landlords are not entitled to a Fan Residential Restricted Parking Permit. However, the Fan District Association has worked with the City of Richmond, General Service Department, Parking Manager to accommodate non-resident property owners. Property owners should contact Steve Bergin, Parking Manager at (804) 646-3724 or to arrange for a special non-resident property owner special parking pass. This permit, similar to an Annual Visitors Pass, will allow non-resident property owners to park on their block for making repairs and checking the status of their property. This permit is not a permit to park in the district for extended periods of time and shall be revoked if not used properly.

Creating a new Restricted Parking District: A new district required 10 contiguous block-faces, support by the residents who live in the proposed district. For more information see the City ordinance 2004-179-175


For more information on other legal codes related to neighborhood issues, see Code Enforcement and Zoning. 

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